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1972, Scranton, PA
Our league evolved out of players from four local taverns getting together for a summer tournament, to become the largest non-profit sports league in the State of Pennsylvania.


The week of 9/28/21 scores will not be posted until Sunday Night


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TAP league offers you a “chance” that you might make it to nationals, after you play and complete 3, 16week sessions. (total cost $308.00) if you’re lucky.  If you are not the “winning” team, you get NOTHING. APA has basically the same format, total cost over $360.00! And again, you get a chance at Vegas if you are not one of the few “winning” teams, you go home with NOTHING. Scranton Pool League (SPL ) has been around since 1972. Our season starts close to Labor Day, and runs 13 weeks to just before Thanksgiving. Play resumes in early January and runs 14 weeks, till the end of April.


The league is open to anyone that can shot pool and act in a responsible manner.


The SPL sponsors league tournaments throughout the year for everyone to enjoy. Check back for updates 

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